Psychotherapy is an invitation to come home to yourself. It takes courage to own responsibility for your life and to make a change.  Any issue which involves a change in identity or how we invest our time and energy can be challenging, as it involves an unraveling, which can amplify feelings and anxiety level. Unresolved trauma, and negative beliefs and patterns, impact relationships, emotions and one’s ability to be motivated in life. I honor pain and the spectrum of human emotions and experience, and it’s capacity to teach and guide us, and to make us compassionate, wise human beings. But with that said, it is not our nature to be stuck in pain and suffering any longer than is needed to propel us forward. I deeply believe in each individual's innate knowledge and capacity to heal, and aspire toward wholeness and authenticity.

I have experienced, over and over, the magic that happens when one reaches their pain threshold, and finds the willingness and motivation, to act in creating a change. When we aspire toward authenticity, the person we want to be, there is freedom and a sense of well being; relationships and self-esteem improve, and we feel more vital.

I specialize in working with trauma, as it underlies most negative belief systems, depression, anxiety, addiction, suicide ideation and low self esteem, in addition to acute mental illness. I help identify and alleviate the most serious symptoms and issues, and work to recreate balance and understanding. I work with:

-relationship problems
-addictions and eating disorders
-family conflict
-low self-esteem

I welcome:
-life transitions

I work with children, adolescents, adults, individually, in couples and with families. I welcome all sexual orientations and identities.

My work is informed by and takes direction from these therapies and philosophies:
-Psychodynamic Theory
-Family Systems

EMDR is a powerful and effective approach designed to help one move through issues, and when combined with other therapeutic modalities, such as CBT and psychodynamics, it can have remarkable results. The client is in control of the process, and it is body centered. Martha Graham says “the body never lies”. The body and its capacity for movement is a barometer indicating the state of the spirit. We aspire toward authenticity and wholeness, and when that is blocked, it is locked in the body. EMDR frees up the locked in trauma that our body and nervous system holds, allowing a deeper understanding, and movement in our lives. A release of the feeling of being stuck, powerless and numb.

Welcome to the journey.

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