Couples Group

For one human being to love another, that is the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but a preparation.
- Rainer Maria Rilke

Couples are the core of the family. And families are the core of the community. I love working with couples as it is important work. Being in relationship is challenging. Beyond the honeymoon phase, there is the hard work of keeping love alive, and keeping the relationship healthy. We bring many issues into relationship from our families of origin. It takes courage to take a look at ourselves and our history, and not project it onto our partner. To not burden our partner with all our expectations, and our family's expectations.

This couples group, is a process group. You will learn new skills, and form deep relationships with others. It is similar to a woman’s or men’s group. Each couple will have an ongoing opportunity to share the issues they are struggling with, and have feedback from other group members. There are truthfully a limited number of issues a couple encounters:
-wants, needs and time
-distribution of chores
-differientation- retaining one’s individuality
-illness and death

Each couple has wisdom. The group is primarily run by you, the couples, with facilitation from me when needed. I will hold a safe container, teach communication skills and facilitate processing when you get stuck. I am here to support you. If anyone encounters difficulty with childhood trauma, they will be able to work with me separately, using EMDR and other appropriate therapeutic modalities. Individuals may find that childhood trauma is contributing to the issues they are experiencing as a couple. You will learn differentiation, and how to authentically ask for wants, needs and desires. This group will help you work through problems, with the support of the group, and to nurture your relationship. I believe that both partner’s needs can be met, and problems can be solved.

The group:
-five couples
-meets every other week from 7PM to 9PM, on an agreed upon day.
-the couple commits to the series (12 sessions)
-$120/couple/month ($60/session/couple)
-location: a beautiful home, with a view of the canyon and Tahoe National Forest, a warm fireplace, with tea provided.

Each week a topic will be introduced by this therapist. The group will begin with a three minute check in by each participant. Each group, two couples will bring an issue they are struggling with to the group. There will be an opportunity for feedback, or they may choose to not have feedback. For some couples, it is enough to speak of what is going on, without wanting feedback. Each individual is their own best healer. It is the work of each couple to be honest, open and willing to take responsibility for ownership of their issues, and having willingness to change and grow. One can never have too many resources, in a world where many are isolated. This group is a loving and supportive resource. Both members of the couple need to want to participate in the group. Often what happens is , one member of the couple wants change, and the other member is dragged along. This ultimately doesn’t work.

This is not the right group for anyone with serious addiction or mental health issues, where one needs more support than the group is able to provide.

If a couple wants to be part of one of these groups, please contact Dawn Krusi LMFT at

artwork by Emile Claus

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