Words-standing up

Poverty can strip you of pride and hope. Infirmity can deprive you of basic dignity. Heartbreak can empty out your soul. Loss can leave you broken. These are the way stations of life. The stopping points that absolutely demand our attention. If we fail to notice, or to give our full presence, we can be gripped by the emotions, the dull ache of these things and they can become our lives, our children’s lives and theirs. Or we can stop grinding it out and listen. Your spirit is speaking. The world whispers. The wind softly breathes and all life speaks in quiet tones. Quiet and firm. Enough. Enough suffering, you’ve got the lesson. Maybe things won’t or can’t change, but you can. You’ve got the lesson, now transform. Transform your vision, transform your heart. Transform you perception of the world around you and it will change. It must change. Rise. Rise now, at last. Wipe your tears. Remember your strength. Recover your smile and let laughter fly. Rise. Raise your head for you are noble. Give of yourself for you are abundant. Lift others for you are strong. A strength that grows with responsibility shouldered. Share your joy for you are immersed in the bubbling glee of the beautiful universe. Too long have you walked in everything in it’s proper place. Be. Here. Now. And rise. You have a purpose. You have a reason. Find it. It will change. And you must find it again. Every day. Every day is new and unknown and untold and amazing. Just like you. Speak your life into being and jump to action. Serve, serve, serve. Happiness is found in love and patience. Learn. It’s the delight of the mind. And the mind wants to dance. Into the wild. Away from screens and signals and noise and bustle! Into the wild and renew, reconnect, and remember. And rise. You have been idle too long. Idle no more. Hope was never naïveté, just as cynicism never was wisdom. Your time, no matter your age, education, ability or circumstance... is right. Now. My prayer for you is that you stand. And sometimes you’ll stand alone. But never truly alone. If you are honest, true, humble, loving respectful, courageous and wise... all things will work to guide you. So rise. Rise at last. It’s your time.

- Aaron Paquette

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